If you enjoy drinking, we’re sure you’ve played Taboo, Beer Pong, Kings and Never Have I ever at least once in your life.

But did you know that you can play drinking games that revolve around your favourite TV shows?

RULE NUMBER ONE: Don’t forget to eat before you begin.

This one’s approved by our very own Tyrion Lannister. Gather your friends for a Game Of Thrones marathon night 

1) The Game Of Thrones Drinking Game

All we can promise is that this isn’t a democracy, this is a drink-tatorship

2) The Walking Dead Game

If the story of a forensic technician viz secret vigilante killer and lots of blood doesn’t lunch your thirst, this game surely will. 

3) Dexter Drinking Game

If you’re up to no good on a Saturday night, ditch that club and watch Big Bang theory

4) The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game

The blue French horn! The yellow umbrella!

5) How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game
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