If we were to stick closer to home, Mumbai's flavorful tea is the one item that defines India (and specifically Mumbai).

A savoury concoction of milk, sugar, ginger, and green tea leaves is known as chai (or tea in English).

They are combined and cooked in a pot, then served hot off the stove.

Essentially, "cutting" is Indian slang meaning "half." Cutting chai has a strong taste and is thus served in a half-glass.

The tiny cups that chai is often served in contribute to its attractiveness.

The tiniest booths that can be found on every Mumbai street corner are the greatest places to find a real glass of cutting chai.

Vada pav, bun maska (bread butter), toast, and pakodas are just a few examples of what you may have while enjoying a glass of cutting tea

Additionally, the monsoon season is ideal for sipping chai and enjoying a steaming hot platter of food.