What You Should Know About Amrita: The First Ever N*de Restaurant In Japan

While we go to eat food and enjoy at a restaurant and not worry about our looks, Amrita in Japan might just shun you for not being desirably perfect.



Inspired by the first n*de restaurant of London’s, Bunyadi, Japan has launched their own with an Indian name, Amrita. But there are conditions applied. This newly opened restaurant only accepts customers who aren’t over weighed and who are in between the ages 18 and 60.



You are welcomed by a weighing machine. The ‘humpty-dumpty’ clients are weighed and if they are found fat a little too much, their entry is restricted. Once the initial screening is done, your clothes are taken and a paper undergarment (to be worn compulsorily) is provided in the place.

Amrita – The Immortal, accepts only online pre-booked customers. However, the website strictly says that over weighed people (more than 15 kilograms or 33 pounds above the estimated weight of the person for his height) booking amount will not be refunded.



The restaurant rule book asks the patrons not to touch or tease other diners. Tattooed diners are not allowed. Once inside the restaurant, mobile phones and cameras will be seized and locked away in a table top box. The all service entry fee of the eatery is 80,000 yen (US $ 750) the services of which includes meal, serving done by perfectly muscled male waiters in g-strings and a dance show featuring male models.