WOW: These 9 Isolated Cabins Are A Perfect Hideout

Have you ever considered running away and spend time in a remote, deserted yet gorgeous den without having to worry about human interferences? Well, here’s a chance to find your secret sanctuary under the sky. Listed below are 9 isolated cabins from across the world.


1) Grotto Sauna



Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada


Box shaped water filled caves, overlooks the beautiful landscapes and displays a perfect setting sun.


2) Nova Scotia Barn Recluse



Canada (Nova Scotia)

1800 century school house converted into amazing barn for the aloof soul. Inclusive of fire court, seating area and has contemporary architecture.


3) American treehouses



South East of America, Greenpeace

Developed by Peter Bahouth, made from fossils, antiques, bricks, candle and fairy lights and rope bridges

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