10 Jobless People Who Created Weird Things Which Will Make You Say “Wow”!!

There are three kinds of people – the workaholics, the party goers and then there is this third kind, who cannot be described.

Have a look at these peculiar stuff done by the truly weird jobless people of all time.


1) The contortionist


It must have taken a solid hour to fit inside the sweatshirt so precisely.


2) The couch potato… ermmm, eggs!


Although it is brilliantly done, but may we know who would dare to sit on it?


3) Cat Plane


Awww!! A pilot cat and a very free owner; mind sharing some of my work


4) Spiderman vs Breadologist


Sure, the ‘breadologists’ will be the winner. But what inspired them? Even Spiderman has a better purpose.


5) The background scorer


This man is really funny and stealthy. Hatsoff!! But aren’t there any customers coming in to buy iPads?


6) Cool pool party


These guys definitely have got the swag to create, but they do know that they can utilize their time for better renovation and architectural purposes, right?


7) The organised playmates


I’m guessing the kids were bored to play in the same ball pit every day. Parents, you guys have raised geniuses and please find a new place for them.


8) The future NASA scientist


Sure the formulas on the board inspired the kid to create this amazing construction.


9) Billards with cereals


Rofl! You sure are bored.


10) Tic Tac Toe Engineers


Hope they were actually reconstructing the road and not digging at it for fun.


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