How Do Lips Indicate Your Personality? Click Here To Know

It is believed that every part of our body tells something about us. Also, depending from person to person, the shapes of their body parts varies as well.

Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s see what your lips say about your personality.


1) The wide rim

When we talk about the people having wide lips, they are the ones who have plenty of interests, are extremely talented, extroverts and the liveliness of a party. Although perfectionism is their cup of tea but they are adaptable as well. Opting for the road not taken, they are the ones who never lack admirers and have lot of friends.




2) Round ones

Full of charisma and charm, the people with round lips love to challenge themselves. Another interesting thing about them is that they are very good kissers. Being a total adrenaline junkie, they are always confident about themselves.




3) Thin lined

These kind of lips are an indication of a cautious as well as reserved nature but the good thing is that they are very independent and successful in their careers. Winning their trust will let you see their sensitive and sweet side.




4) Complete lips

Full or complete lips are a symbol of confidence and courage and the people with these lips are very giving and nurturing. These women are very good at maintaining relationships and are passionate about everything in life.




5) Heart shaped

A person with heart lips is very expressive and creative. She is never afraid of voicing her opinions.