8 Weirdest & Unheard World Records Made By People Like You And Me

Creating World Record is a dream that we all see, but never in our wildest imaginations have we thought of these 8 weirdest world records made by our beloved mankind.


1) Longest Human Tongue


Nick Stoeberl just had to show his tongue, measured 3.97 inch, out and Tada!! He made a world record.


2) Most apple crushed with a bicep in a minute


Record created by Linsey Lindberg also known as Mama Lou. Crushed 8 apples in a minute.


3) Most toilet seat broken by a head in a minute


Record made by Kevin Shelly. He broke 46 toilet seats on his head.


4) Most watermelons cut on a stomach in a minute


Record made by Jim Hunter (the cutter) and Celia Curtis (the stomach provider). They set some serious trust goals, don’t they?


5) Most steps walked by a dog by balancing water on his head


Record made by our beloved pup, Snow Pea. He set a record by stepping 10 steps backward and 10 steps downward without dropping the water cup set on his head.


6) Most Violins played at once


Record set by Oleksandr Bozhyk. He played four violins at once.


7) Most spears caught underwater


Record created by Anthony Kelly as he caught quite an amount of spears from a two meter distance underwater.


8) Fastest 100 meter run on 4 legs


Record set by Katsumi Tamakoshi. He ran 100 meters in 15.86 seconds on all fours.