6 Types Of Faces And What Do They Say About Your Personality

Do you know that your face tells a lot about you. In fact, many of the people practice face reading to earn their living.

Let’s look at some face types and their personality traits.


1) Pear Shaped face

The triangular or the diamond shaped face is not a very familiar one. A person with this face shape wants to be the in charge all the time. The narrower the forehead is, the more controlling the person is but the good thing is these people are very successful.




2) Heart shaped

These people have plenty of inner strength and are very determined. Moreover, they are intuitive and creative. They can be pushy sometimes and it can be a turn-off for others.




3) Oval face

Diplomatic ones are the people with oval face and can make everyone feel comfortable. But, they are too indulged in pleasing others and worry about saying right things at all times, which makes them stressed out. They get lured away by other’s perception of them.




4) Circular face

These people are very kind and sweet and are the best ones to be in a long-term relationship with. They attract narcissistic relations but in the long run realize this flaw and start prioritizing their needs.




5) Square shaped

The square faced people are very witty and approach others very analytically. Their immense stamina fetches them lots of success.




6) Long face

The people with long face are adamant as well as perfectionists. They are very clear while communicating. In case, someone messes with them, they can indeed be very rude.