10 Mind-Blowing 3D Tattoos That You Should Definitely Check Out Before Getting Inked

One of the latest form of art that has been in the talks and walks of our lifestyle is Tattoo. For many, tattooing is a stigma, especially in India, which denotes ‘out-of-the -hand’, immoral, not meant for women, spoilt culture, ruffian and what not? But the western culture has wholeheartedly accepted this unique art form that only transforms one’s personality but also beautifies disfigured skin and body parts.

Tattoos are also used by people to cover scars as a result of accidents, surgeries and diseases. The new Breast Cancer initiative to ink women who have survived the cancer is worth applauding. So let’s celebrate the tattoo industry. Hence, getting inked or not, you should definitely check out these 10 mind-blowing 3D tattoos.


1) The twisted zebra print



2) Now that’s a perfect way to say, “I am ahead and the world is behind me”



3) A striking and stimulating way to beautify a disfigured part of body



4) Check – Mate? This is called perfectly illuminated tattoo



5) Break away, fly away… simple and gorgeous tattoo for women’s back



6) I can see you!! This tattoo is appealing in its own uncanny way



7) Woahhh! The ultimate tattoo award goes to this mindboggling tattoo. On a second thought, it does look scary!



8) The Terminator



9) This looks like a motion picture that makes you wonder about the cast, crew and the story itself



10) And, the creepy ripper


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