Android Robots To Enable Guilt Free Prostitution Soon

The world is now tech-driven. Innovation is taking place in the tiniest of industries. So, why not in this section? Prostitution is not going to stop; it’s a fact. So why not make it guilt free and respectable?



Findings state that soon Amsterdam’s renowned Yub-Yum brothel, which was closed in 2008, will open again, but this time with 100 gleaming and appealing robotic models, powered by Android. Futurologist, Ian Yeoman and sexologist, Michelle Mars from the University of Wellington confirm that by 2050 Red Light areas will be run by robotic sex workers.

So, this interesting club in Amsterdam will have android powered staffs which will be licensed by the city council. The club will also provide a complete range of sexual services including pole dance, lap dance, massages and intercourse in exotic surroundings. The entry charge will be $10,000 per person that will comprise of all the services mentioned.



And there’s more to it…

Yeoman and Mars go on to add that the club will be customer centric; hence there would be pleasure services for different genres and tastes. The machines will feature varied body shapes, customs, ages, languages. The club will also have a show stopper, the Russian Blond, Irina, particularly fond of Business men.



The dolls are devised with bacteria resistant fibres and will be properly flushed. The initiative is taken to eradicate the ever-growing human trafficking, STDs, HIVs and other mutated diseases.