10 Women Who Have Shown What ‘Women Power’ Stands For

They drive us to give our best, they hold our hands to walk to the path of our dreams and one cannot just imagine to lead a life minus having them around. Its finally time, we took cognizance of, and realized the ephemeral importance of the diamond called Women.

They are a jewel you cannot replicate and a virtue one cannot ever duplicate.

They are our mothers, our sisters and if they decide to take the world head-on as they have been so promisingly doing from time immemorial, nothing in the world is impossible for the beautiful, fairer (read characteristic) and genteel gender.

We take a look at some exceptional women from different walks of life in an India that is proud to have had many highly celebrated wonders. March 8 or life beyond that, women, take a bow, men, sit back and witness some amazing life journeys of these magnanimous souls:


Sindhutai Sapkalhas


Source: enoma9.in

It is a pity that Mother Teresa isn’t around today. Don’t we all feel her absence with each passing day in a world that truly bleeds in her absence, one marked by torrid despair and pain?
But, truth be told, greatness that lives on through selflessness and outright determination toward rescuing lives marked by insignificance and pity will always be around. What better example than that of Sindhutai Sapkalhas to demonstrate this.

Sindhutai, an old woman, captured widely in mainstream media is regarded as India’s ‘Mother of Orphans”. Hailing from a humble background, Sindhutai, in her life time she dedicated her life to raise 1050 orphans. Now she has 36, daughter-in-laws, 207 son-in-laws and more than 1000 grandchildren. Isn’t this simply incredible?


Sunitha Krishnan


Source: ted.com

It is actually nothing less than that of a global catastrophe of our times to consider the plight of women and their safety in modern Indian society. Sunitha Krishnan, one of the most widely respected and regarded Indian social activists is herself a rape victim.

Having co-founded Prajwala, a non-governmental organization that rescues, rehabilitates and reintegrates sex-trafficked victims into society, Sunitha determinedly works in her tireless effort to attribute the respect and integrity to women who are shamed by a torrid reality of our urban decay and rural perfunctory.  . Having envisaged the popular, “shame the rapist” campaign that became viral sensation on social media, Sunitha has also interacted with worldwide audiences through important mediums such as the “TED talks”.


Vandana Shiva


Source: cornucopia.org

In an age where our focus often lies in extracting the big and mighty from the world around us, especially at a time when the resources are limited, sadly, one doesn’t always attribute necessary attention to the state of environment.

Climate change, as marked by melting glaciers and tripping mountain lengths and a wave of negative stifling mankind all around, one can be happy that erudite and determined thinkers and environmentalists such as Vandana Shiva are around.

The Delhi-based environmentalist and eco feminist, is a Gandhi follower, and is well known for her proletarian efforts to protect forests, organize women’s networks, and conserve the local biodiversity.
A trained physicist and philosopher of science, Vandana Shiva has even authored varied books, such as , ones dealing with human mind, ecology, soil, environment and it’s conservation.

She may not always dominate the newspapers or media but adds to the intellectual stratosphere governing the mindspace that’s got a lot to do to save the ecological system. Shiva is also a winner of the 1993 Right Livelihood Award, considered parallel to the Nobel Prize.


Tessy Thomas


Source: thinklink.in

We all have come to know and worship the late great, Dr. APJ Kalam as the “Missle Man of India”. But, just how many of us are aware of one Ms. Tessy Thomas. Tessy Thomas is a woman par excellence and an exceptional woman in modern day India. The Project Director for Agni-IV missile in Defence Research and Development Organization, she is the first woman scientist to head a missile project in India, a country marked by unparalleled achievements in the ambit of Space, Scientific development and Technology .
Tessy, the “Agni” woman has also served in the capacity of the associate project director of the 3000 km range Agni-III missile project, a landmark Defence project of 21st century India.


Reema Kagti


Source: polkacafe.com

Regardless of where you hail from or your religion, caste or creed, films will continue to have an impact on our lives as also on our consciousness. But, it isn’t always that one comes across intelligent and authentic storey tellers riveting the sphere of this popular entertainment stimulator.

Fiercely independent and free thinking filmmaker, Reema Kagti is a refreshing example of someone who astutely marries narrative driven dramas with tight story-telling. Originally hailing from Borhapjan, Kagti is a simple, uncomplicated and creative filmmaker. An intense thinker known to make films that fall outside the ambit of ‘over the top cinema’, Kagti, associated with films such as “Dil Dhadakne Do”, ” Talaash” and, “Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.” fell in love with the world of movies when she was all of 8.
Describing the moment as being exceptionally overwhelming, seeing ‘The Exorcist’ at the young age gave the kid in her the pure joy of experiencing ‘fear’, a tacit expression according to the creative thinker, at its potent best.


Megha Mittal


Source: whartonmagazine.com

The mighty sands of commerce always ring a bell for professionals, media and enthusiasts. Wouldn’t you agree?

While, it won’t be too surprising to hear the name of an Indian when it comes to dominating entrepreneurship or business, it isn’t too often to hear of a woman business leader at the helm of affairs of a top corporate, based in the developed West.

Yes, the times are changing but taking centre-stage in these changing tides are dynamic women such as Megha Mittal, the Managing Director of German Fashion Brand, Escada. She hails from Kolkata and is a pass out from the Wharton School of Business, with a B.S. in Economics. Having also studied Architectural Interior Design from London, many know of Megha as the daughter-in-law of Lakshmi Mittal.

A mother of two, the 39 year old has also served at Goldman Sachs before occupying the top leader’s hat at Escada in 2009.


Joshna Chinappa


Source: kodagufirst.in

In the world of sports where Cricket sadly dominates news and media, regardless of the medium or audience, it is a rarity to come across a rising star who manages to break into the spotlight whilst being associated with another sport.

29 year Joshna Chinappa is a Squash player par excellence from Chennai. This Arjuna Award winner has struck all the right notes in the squash court as well as in the record books, taking India to some unprecedented highs. Having turned pro in 2003, Joshna is the first Indian to win the British Squash Championship title in 2003 in the Under-19 category. Together with Dipika Pallikal, Joshna was responsible for earning India its first ever Commonwealth Games gold in 2014.
She has won 7 world titles and is a compelling and extremely fit athlete, one who often goes unsung and uncelebrated in the world of Indian sports.


Radhika Vaz


Source: lbb.in

Recognized as the generation’s feminist voice, Radhika is an unsparing comedian whose witty wise cracks and unpretentious jokes do not distinguish between genders. Born in 1973, Mumbai, in a world utterly dominated by male standup comic stars, Radhika Vaz is a refreshing change.

Never afraid to use the F word where it’s needed, Vaz epitomizes the ‘no holds barred’ comedian image. This isn’t to say that she was always in the comedy scene. Long back, before comic timing stroked its genius in this witty wonder woman, Radhika worked in advertising way back in Chennai.

An independent and free thinking woman, Radhika Vaz has won the Gotham Independent Film Award for Breakthrough Series Short Form. Having undergone training in improvisational theatre, the top shot standup comic has only just begun to cut loose in the male-dom world of standup comedy.


Anushka Manchanda


Source: frontrowravers.com

Tall, lanky, free thinking and dynamic, this actor-singer is a born rebel. Gifted with a mellifluent voice and charming an array of fans with her well meaning stints in the music and film world, Anushka Manchanda has inspired legions of fans to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Once a member of India’s first “all girl” band, Viva, Anushka, who is a popular rock and pop singer, is also an inspiring songwriter and top level performer. Strumming the guitar as well as she unfurls those lyrical melodies in front of live audiences, a ‘hippie at heart’, Anushka made an impressive impact in the widely acclaimed 2016 drama film, “Angry Indian Goddesses”.


Asha Roy


Source: youtube.com

It isn’t always that women sport-stars get their due in India. The sport culture is widely dominated by Cricket and when not by this ‘parallel religion’ of India, it often remains sidelined by the charming allure of top female draws from the world of Tennis and Badminton.

Simply, humble and ever smiling, Asha Roy is a total exception to this glamorous narrative of Indian sports. The lanky girl from Singur, West Bengal has made India proud by creating history in the field of athletics. Asha won both, the 100m and 200m events at the Open National Athletics Meet at Yuba Bharati Krirangan.

Sadly, often as it happens to the brightest stars in the sporting galaxy, either their luck runs out, or they simply fall on bad times  owing to complete ignorance on part of the Government.

With little support from any significant backer, Roy struggled a year to find herself a stable job and nearly gave up on her dream to become a sprinter before Southern Eastern Railways salvaged her dream.