7 Must – Do’s This Valentine’s Day

Love is a potent word that drives us to do pretty much everything we do or wish to accomplish. It is a yearning to be good, a feeling you want to have and a desire like no other. Yet, often, in the celebration of this ‘aphrodisiac’ of life, we come to celebrate it on a particular day every year.

And, it’s that time of the year again.

Valentine’s day, named after the revered ‘Saint’, St. Valentine, brings with it a ceremonial joy marked with a feeling like no other. Signifying the reign of love over pretty much everything, February 14, comes with a bright sparkle. It is therefore no irony when you think of the day being one better over number 13, not really your ideal way to understand luck, another potent four letter word and understandably, the flipside of love when it doesn’t work out.

But, lets dispense with silly titles and get to the point.


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We all have come to identify Valentine’s day as being the hallmark celebration of love and its lasting between two hearts. And, here’s the dilemma and often, unexplored reality.

What about those who aren’t in love or not nearly there, so to speak? What do they do and where can they go on this harbinger of hope, the ever charming and shining February the 13th.

We thought it’s time to delve a little deeper and identify what perhaps a singleton or someone who’s not in love but wishes to be, may do on the course of celebrating this special day. And, here’s what we came up with


1. Love yourself


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Often, the first step toward charity, as it’s said, begins with home. Similarly, why can’t the first step toward loving begin with ourselves?

Shouldn’t that be the case? How else would you then be expected to or can possibly love the other, if you do not love your own self?

Not that we’re asking you to deep-dive into philosophy, but it can be said that often the idea of accepting another person in your life begins with your own acceptance of yourself and the person in you. Time has come, if at all you didn’t realize, to truly love thyself.


2. A tour-de force of movies

You would be jumping the gun a bit too early to think we are recommending you movies made for single ones out there. That isn’t the point.

You aren’t Mr. lonely or Ms. funny-bones gone lackluster.


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But, on Valentine’s day, take some time out to experience the love for cinema. Movies, set us free and help us breathe when the world around us gets a bit claustrophobic.

And watching wonderful light hearted, sensible and endearing cinema can bring you a lot closer to that thing called love. The home box office, and no we aren’t talking about HBO here, holds a lot of potential. Never underestimate the power of some nice clean-hearted romantic caper.


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Picture the early 90s Tom Hanks movies or the soul surfers such as Message in a Bottle (starring Kevin Costen and Robin Wright Penn), or Keanu Reeves’ Sweet November. In case, you are a Billy Crystal fan then witness his ultimate gem in, “When Harry Met Sally”.


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These aren’t just movies, these are your kaleidoscope to witness and perhaps, live, if only for just over 2 hours, the magnificent thing called love.


3. Take a vow


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Often, in front of the grandness of Valentine’s day, we end up just embracing luxury. Or, just end up spending every dime or quarter that we have for that particular day. But, isn’t the idea of love not just restricted to ‘spending’?

If you think of it dispassionately and apply prudence, then you’d find that there can’t be a better day for that matter to take a vow.

This Valentine’s day, take a vow to do something you’ve never tried before. It could be simple agreements with yourself to not disagree with others for no rhyme or reason. Often, when we let go of our own views that we passionately cling to, we embrace that newness in life. Isn’t that the key ?


4. Gift yourself a pet


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Loving can be therapeutic. Can it not? Who says that love and its best expressions need to take the shape of flowers, or chocolates or expensive gifts? Where are these rules? Haven’t we ourselves created them in the first place!

By giving yourself a pet this Valentine’s day, you will open your heart and thus, your lives to make way for a special ‘someone’ who has not only as much love for life in him as you but the want to feel belonged. And, let it be known, there are few beautiful sights such as the realization when an innocent, cute little puppy realizes that it can hold on to life all thanks to you and your care and love.


5. Explore the wordsmith in you


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“All you need is love, love is all you need”. By singing these simple yet heart-touching lines, The Beatles scored big time. And not just on the Billboards around the world but in having consolidated their position as the world’s most loved artist’s or bands of that beautiful bygone era.

But, here’s an important learning in Valentine’s day.
February 14, each year brings plenty of reasons to smile, be happy and to just simply thank the almighty for giving you the greatest gift of all; life.

Would you not want to don the hat of a poet or a shining wordsmith by penning down your hearts’ desire. A lot can be revealed, they say, through a person’s eyes.

Similarly, writing poetry, on things you like and are fond of and get fascinated with can give the window to your soul to the world.

How cool is that!


6. Find that one cousin or friend you’ve been wanting to patch up with


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Life isn’t always a hunky dory ride. There are several and unplanned ups and downs. But, often when we are riding high on life, we forget that a downhill may edge us closer toward sadness. Isn’t it?

It is important therefore to dwell on things that don’t necessarily go according to our plans or as we had wished. So what do you do? 

Simple. Make this Valentine’s day a reason to right (or correct) a wrong in your life. There may be someone, a friend or a cousin who you were once inseparable with and today, hardly see eye to eye. So get up and what are you waiting for? Patch up to smash up the misunderstandings, the mishaps in life.

Wouldn’t it be super cool to get a special friend or cousin or anyone you were once close to, come close all over again? Sounds like fun.


7. Take mom and dad out


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How often do we take our own folks out for a meal? Probably not, as many times as one would have liked. But then, isn’t it quite silly and even unfair if you think about the number of times you hang out with your girlfriend or guy-friend as opposed to jiving away with your own parents?

To many, this would sound ridiculous. And, may that be addressed immediately, we hope.

What better occasion to eat out with mommy and daddy than that of Valentine’s day?

Trust us, this is a bond not many come to savor as life progresses. Why not make the most of it while we can. Let Valentine’s day be also that day where we shower our endless love for parents whose blessings are uncountable and all toward us.