5 Movies That Definitely Prove, “Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction”

Movies that are inspired from real lives have something about them which totally satisfies the readers. Apart from being a source of entertainment, such movies also provide inspiration to most of its viewers. The real-life tale associated with the storyline being shown on the screens, reminds the audience that something like this has actually happened. If you need some inspiration today, we have a list of such movies that are based on true incidents.

Twelve Years a Slave

The first on our list is Twelve Years a Slave documents the life of a free black man from New York. He was kidnapped and sold only to become a slave in the year 1841. The movie was very well received by the critics as well as the audiences as they found it heart- touching.

The Imitation Game

Featuring the nation’s Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, The Immitation Game tells the story of a computer scientist who tries to crack the Enigma code used by Nazis to protect their radio messages during the second world war.


The movie throws light on the efforts of a team of investigative journalists at the Boston Globe. They set out to unveil the history of systematic sexual abuse in the district of Boston.

Queen of Katwe

A famous piece from the house of Disney, Queen of Katwe narrates the story of a Ugandan girl who was born in slums and became a famous chess champion helping her family out of the curse of poverty. This movie would definitely be a source of inspiration for many.

The Farewell

Depicting the story of a Chinese-American who struggles as a loved one becomes seriously ill, The Farewell is hilarious and warm at the same time. Being a family film, it would give you the exact same feel as does your comfort food.

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