7 Tips To Keep In Mind While Shopping Suits Online

We all know that retail therapy is real, and in the last one and half years, we have needed it more than ever. It is a great feeling not to have to go through the trouble of looking presentable or traveling to the mall and be able to order whatever you want from the comfort of your sofa and your mobile phone. With the onset of the festive season and the pandemic still lurking around, this may be the best way to order saris and suits online. Most online platforms have a plethora of ethnic wear with suits ranging from topmost brands to brands that you’ve never heard of.

However, although online shopping makes life so much easier, it does have its drawbacks too. Wrong sizes, mismatched colors, undesired materials are just some of the things that could make this online retail therapy a nightmare for you. So what are the things that you must keep in mind while ordering a suit online?

Know your brands

We know that different brands have different sizes, and some brands don’t produce beyond certain sizes. For example, an XS will be different waist sizes for different brands. Knowing more about the brand you buy from helps you make better decisions when ordering a suit online.

Read the fine lines

When ordering online, it is easy to get confused and sometimes miss that the suit you’re purchasing doesn’t have a dupatta that goes with it or that the item being delivered is just the un-stitched material. We know it’s exciting to hit the add to cart button, but we advise you to go through the text to see what exactly you’ll be getting.

Check the size chart

This is perhaps the most important part and should not be skipped when ordering suits online. If done right, you will never have to return a product. Size charts outline hip, waist, bust and length in detail, so you don’t have to worry about the delivered product.

Read reviews

When buying a suit online, checking the reviews helps. Some customers upload photographs and their reviews which gives you a decent, if not perfect, idea of how the suit will look.

Know your materials

Knowing your materials can help you understand the fall and the fit of the suit. A little bit of research can go a long way when buying a suit online.

Find a tailor nearby

Sometimes, even after our best efforts to shop for the best piece and the best deals, the fit may need some adjusting. Our advice? Make friends with your neighborhood tailor! Even though they hate doing these tiny jobs and have their own clientele to serve, if you’re nice to them, they might just agree to help you out now and then.

Be reasonable

You picked the perfect suit online, with the kurta in a beautiful cobalt blue, but upon arrival, it’s a shade deeper. So you could either be fussy and send it back and have to wait for days on days for the replacement, or you could adjust a little and be reasonable about your expectations. And also because Hey! You look pretty in all shades! So you shouldn’t have to worry about it not being the perfect shade of pink or blue.

So these were our tips, and hopefully, they will come in handy the next time you’re browsing the web to buy a sari or a suit online.

Featured image source: looksgud.com