5 Simple Steps to Beat Depression

There was a time in our lives when we were living in a far simpler age where we would seek happiness in small pleasures of life than the necessary aches associated with leading a sophisticated, busy, rigorous life. There was reliance on human contact than on technological communication. Outright bonding with friends, family and loved ones was the front running score of happiness for each of us.

But, as we have got on with our busy lives in the 21st century, one hardly finds the right balancing act in an effort to strike some harmony between professional and personal demands. Don’t we all feel that mere 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to meet the endless deadlines? A life where even 24 hours in a day weren’t simply enough to be in the regaling company of our friends, to leading a disenchanted life spread across hectic schedules of weekdays and weekends, everything seems to be falling in the clutches of weekends, as weekdays are reserved purely for work.

But, how much can we all possibly do in those 2 days of rest, where we need to give time not just for ourselves but for our family’s space and keep some reserved for other endeavors. A burning sense of isolation has stemmed from the morose and tedious tasks of leading a packed life, leaving us in a fidgety mindset.

One is ought to ask, just how do we stay clear of the inevitable grasp of depression that silently clings on to our lives when we are too busy chasing our so called well conceived goals? Depression, after all may be more than a silent killer, whose ultimate hit is delivered not by fatal physical blows but by sheer mental rupturing.
But, you would be incorrect to think that it is impossible to get out of the hobbit of depression. It takes some simple, meaningful steps to beat depression out of your lives. We take a look at 5 such simple measures:


1)  Avoid staying alone


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In the realm of leading busy, occupied and what some may call ‘programmed’ lives whose sense of attainment comes from chasing material professional goals, we have allowed ourselves to be accommodating to depression.

The more isolated you remain, the more depressed you feel. If you are suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression, then make it a point to not remain aloof or alone.

All you need to do in a bid to reform your life out of the clutches of this inadvertent problem is to stay connected to your friends and family. Shrug off the habit of being on your own. Spend your idle time in the company of those who make you feel special than in berating yourself on having fallen into the trap of depression. In so doing, you will find that gradually you will be accustomed to seeing the bright side of life than in feeling remorse.


2)  Develop a positive mindset


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It is never easy to be bustling with energy and enthusiasm if depression is holding you back from enjoying life to the hilt. It never is, but with a simple technique, you can emerge on top of it. Behavioral scientists and counselors say, at any point of time, when you feel your brain in zapping around with all negative thoughts, one must simply consciously observe the flow of such thoughts and in some time, you would find, it isn’t you yourself who is inflicting negativity into your system, instead it’s the partial undoing of how you have programmed your mind to function.
So instead, focus on the positive and take control of all negative thoughts. At times, it has been suggested to pen down all negative thoughts stuttering in your system on a piece of paper and then to tear the particular piece of paper and simply flush it away. It has been noted, that such activity has actually channelized outdoing of negativity and has opened ones horizons to fathom the positives and brightness of life.


3)  Pray


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One should never undervalue the importance of faith in life. You may belong to any religion, cast or creed and your sense of faith may be different and unique from others around you, but you ought to make time for praying.

Go find an empty, peaceful spot around you, which could either be your personal cabin at workplace or at the cozy confines of your house and, close your eyes for a few minutes in order to connect to the spirit or force within.

Within a few minutes, you would find yourself in an unflinching sense of peace and calm. Some say it is the positive fragment of faith while some regard it to be the positive influence of hope. Whatever it is, if you are depressed or surrounded amidst a heap of despair or disconsolation, just connect to the power you believe in and invest your energies in connecting to your faith. You will gradually find yourself to be calmer, stronger and better than before.


4)  Make time for your hobbies or interests


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One of the strongest ways in which depression hits all of us is when we are on our own or devoid of lasting communication with others and make it a habit of being in our own company for elongated periods of time.

The totality of depression’s affect in our lives can weigh much heavier than acute impacts of negativity when we sort of isolate ourselves from those around us. It is far more beneficial and healthy in all aspects to make time for any activity we like to pursue and get going with it. It’s not always helpful to stay indoors and indulgence in well meaning engaging activities such as any hobby or pursuit is the key to upstage depression from our lives. Negativity and ill thoughts stem from an inactive and empty mind. We ought to keep ourselves occupied in singing, dancing, and painting or in any sport in order to stay active, on our feet and away from a situation of inactivity that can lead to emergence of any sort of negativity. In this way, we can take the better of depression.


5)  Stay focused on the future


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Being under the clutches of depression is like suffering from lasting fever, one where you are forced to be ‘incommunicado’, or away from a state of lasting communication or activity. It then becomes a natural tendency to rue upon the fact that nothing is going right for us in the present and all our energies are seem to directed towards this vicious thought.

Depression knocks on the doors of a negatively functioning mind and then simply overstays its welcome in our lives. In this way it can distort the way we think and can make our outlook towards life gloomy and unproductive.

In a concerted effort to beat this, make sure you don’t remain buried under the thoughts of the past or amidst the inactivity of the present. Focus on your future and what you need to do in order to accomplish a healthy, bright and happy future. It is all about re-programming our mind to follow our command in order to belch out the evil for good. If you disassociate yourself from some form of negativity hampering your life at the present moment and make way for hope and light awaiting you in the future, then you are doing just the right thing to re-control your life again.