6 Awesome Places To Eat In Bandra Mumbai

Bandra is known as the heart of city. But apart from it’s people conversing in the typical local language, it is also known for its great food. May it be a posh restaurant or a pocket friendly cafe for a college student, Bandra has it all. Here are some of the well-known and relatively cheap places in the area


1)  Elco


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With it’s impeccable standard of hygiene, this is the ultimate place for chaat food lovers.

Location – Hill Road


2)  Carter’s Blue


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Known for it’s ever famous shawarmas (pita bread wraps), Carter’s Blue promises you deliciousness with every mouthful.

Location – Carter Road


3)  Candies


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One of the most popular hang out spots for school and college students, Candies always has a large array of food items to eat from.

Location – Pali Hill


4)  Theobroma


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The perfect place for catching up with an old friend and choosing from a variety of baked goods to eat from.

Location – Linking Road


5)  Cafe Andora


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A tiny little eatery located near St. Andrew’s school, this place serves ready to eat snacks and other food items.

Location – Hill Road (near St. Andrews School)


6)  Shiv Sagar


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Although it is a pure vegetarian restaurant, it promises to cater delicious vegetarian food.

Location – Near Khar Station


These food spots are always packed with people who are on the lookout for affordable and delicious food. If you ever come to Bandra, these places are a must visit.