What is Quinoa Called In India, 3 Types, Health Benefits, Quinoa Hindi Name in India

Quinoa (pronounced: keen-wah) is a grain crop primarily known for it’s edible seeds. So, one might wonder, what is the Quinoa Hindi name in India or what is Quinoa called in India? Although, the scientific name of Quinoa is “Chenopodium quinoa”, in India it is sometimes called as “bathua” (Scientific name: “Chenopodium album”) because it … Read more

Food Myths Debunked

We all have our share of beliefs when it comes to food. We either hear it or read about it somewhere or it is also possible that we are brought up believing in such myths. Some of them might be true but most of them aren’t.   1)  Eggs Are Bad For The Heart. Eggs … Read more

Choosing Health Over Junk Food

There is a common phenomenon that has left a mark on people for decades now. It is something that affects us mentally and physically and  propels us to believe that we truly are imperfect. This perception that people have developed over the years is called “being fat”. You may be tall or short, dark or … Read more

15 Most Popular Types of Cheese Around The World or Cheeses of The World

Read through this article for information on types of cheese, cheese types, cheeses of the world, type of cheese, cheesed it, cheeses different types, different types of cheeses, different type of cheese, cheese different types, international cheeses, different type of cheeses, different types of cheese, cheese named, names of cheeses, cheese names, cheese name. Everybody … Read more

12 Must Visit Punjabi Restaurants In Mumbai

There is always that one Indian cuisine that somebody would run the extra mile for. India has so many different cuisines that sometimes it becomes hard to choose what to eat. Among all these varied cultures, North Indian food and Punjabi in particular, seems to be very popular. But it can prove to be a … Read more

10 Foods That Are Named After Their Creators

A new dish is invented everyday. Creating a dish is easy but then comes the tough part when you’ve got to name that creation. Should you name it after yourself or the thing/person who inspired you to make this dish in the first place? Too options to choose from. But then there are certain dishes … Read more

Junk Food: Then Vs. Now

There is not a single person on this planet who doesn’t crave junk food at some point. In today’s time it has become a necessity to have fast food restaurants situated in every nook and corner of a city. Eating junk food is a trend that has been there for a long time and won’t … Read more