Junk Food: Then Vs. Now

There is not a single person on this planet who doesn’t crave junk food at some point. In today’s time it has become a necessity to have fast food restaurants situated in every nook and corner of a city. Eating junk food is a trend that has been there for a long time and won’t go away anytime soon.



The history of fast food begins with Pre-modern Europe when Industrialization had just begun. People of Rome used to live in apartment blocks and were solely dependent on street vendors for food. In the Middle Ages, urban areas such as London and Paris started developing pies, waffles and pancakes, pasties and cooked meat and selling them from stalls.



In the United Kingdom, coastal areas starting selling snacks that mainly consisted of different kinds of seafood such as shellfish, oysters and eels. The classic “Fish & Chips” was invented during this period and has been a constant favorite among people till date. Meanwhile, in the United States,  the first ever drive-in restaurant was introduced – White Castle founded by Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson in Wichita, Kansas (1921).



Fast food basically means precooked food that is prepared and served real quick to the customers. Drive-through is a recent development of this system where there is a takeout counter of a fast food restaurant and the customer can order and pick up their meal without having to get out of the car. It is a very convenient form of food service when you have no time to spare.



Apart from being convenient, fast food has many more such elements that are actually beneficial in today’s quick-paced lifestyle. It is easy to point out all the bad influences of eating such food. Nobody really seems to be bothered about highlighting the good qualities instead. Junk foods have certain advantages that generally go unnoticed. Fast food chains are time saving, cheaper options and provide a wide range of choices to choose from.



Today, the way fast food is processed and provided to the general public is quite different than what it was 20-30 years ago. Although the basic idea of serving meals at a quick pace has always been there but things like quality and portion size has changed. Cheaper substitutes are used to make the fast food items and to supply larger portions.



A decade or so ago, there was a limited variety to choose from. Customers would probably get two or three choices and had to pick the one that is closest to their needs. But today, there is so much to select from. Moreover, one can customize their order to adjust to their preferences.



Junk food is not bad. Knowing your limit and keeping track of your calorie intake will never harm you or your body. It is up to you how much you can afford to consume and still maintain a fit and healthy body.



Happy Eating!