Time Travel: Then Vs. Now, How Times Have Changed

As time passes by, people, places, and trends tend to evolve  and change. Sometimes it’s for the better, while most times it’s for the worst, but overall, change is usually positive and welcomed.

This listicle will take you back to the past and show you a comparison between how things were then and how massively they’ve changed now!


1) E-mails and Letters

Back in the 90s, if anyone received an e-mail, it was a really big thing. Letters were a source of communication that was very common and just when the Internet came in, e-mails were considered to be really huge.
But today, letters are a lot more appealing because e-mails are so common now.


Source: diply.com


2) Surroundings whilst growing up

The picture says it all. There are a lot of parents today that invest in video games and boardgames instead of being techno-savvy. It’s really rare, but yes, there’s some people out there!


Source: dailyhaha.com


3) Television
Today, people are found sitting behind the screens of their television all day. Being indoors at all times is opted for, over going outdoors and indulging in games or a sport. And as television systems get thinner, we get fatter.


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4) Technology

 A positive change for sure. Technology wasn’t so advanced back then and it’s made stupendous progress today.


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5) Inactivity

The picture says it all.




6) Changes in basic necessities

Things as small as getting a cup of tea barely cost us much. But today, it isn’t the same. People would rather spend more money in getting a cup of coffee from a coffee shop instead of making it at home.


Source: paperblog.com


7) Evolution of cellphones

The heavier phone with lesser features is now extinct and you have your smartphones that’ll let you browse google even if you’re 30,000 ft above the ground. Cool, right?


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8) Lack of interest

Instead of answering questions and queries, the first thing that comes to mind is google. So much for being smart.


Source: rense.com


9) Parents and children then and now

Something all of us have experienced. This is a change we’re not sure is bad, or good.


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10) Interpreting things differently

And no, we’re not talking puns or double sided jokes. There’s more to that.


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11) Etiquette and manners

Extremely accurate.


Source: thelisticles.net 


12) Then..and now

Something for you to lighten up!


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13) Being grounded then and now…

Personally, it would be a lot more fun if parents asked kids to go outdoors as a punishment for being grounded.


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14) And for the sake of humour…


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But hey, don’t let people talking about how things were like back then bring you down. It’s alright if you like being old school, but it’s absolutely okay to like other things that are popular today. Don’t let angry adults pull you down and love what you want to love!