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7 Healthier Food Substitutes

Want to rock that JLo booty? Check. Dream of having that amazing body like a Victoria Secret Model ? Check. And how about some abs to die for like Ryan Gosling’s? Check. But are you sure you’re having the correct food to achieve that ultimate dream? Going to the gym is alright but maintaining a healthy diet is equally important. It is what basically helps you cut down the calories drastically.

There are some substitutes that are equally yummy but have a low calorie content in comparison so it doesn’t really feel like you’re giving up much (except the calories, of course). Here are some awesome substitutes to include in your diet:


1)  Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate bars contain refined sugars and saturated fats which are known to cause adverse health issues. Switch to organic chocolate or dark chocolate for they contain actual cocoa and not some cheap substitute of vegetable oil.




2)  Sour Cream vs. Yogurt

Whole milk yogurt contains less than half the calories that sour cream has. It also has a boost of 16% more calcium compared to sour cream.




3)  French Fries vs. Baked Potato

The absolute favorite of the American fast food industry is actually not so great for our health (sad, but true). They are dangerously high in sodium, trans fats and calories and ace in artery clogging. A better substitute to this addictive food item is baked potato. It is equally filling and with a little olive oil, sea salt and spices sprinkled over the top, it is so much more delicious.




4)  Croutons vs. Walnuts

You know all those crunchy bread-like pieces you find in your Caesar’s Salad? Those are croutons. Replace them with walnuts for they have the correct amount of protein, fiber and fat in them but also provide long-lasting energy. Not only that, walnuts contain melatonin which is great for regulating sleep.




5)  Apricots vs. Melon

All fruits contain health boosting nutrients; but not all help you achieve that summer beach body. Apricots, that are full of sugar, should be substituted with melon which doesn’t even cause bloating and is great for building up those abs.




6)  All Purpose Flour vs. Whole Wheat Flour

If you’re not ready to take the leap of faith and completely replace your flour, it’s still okay. Make it half and half while baking. You’ll still gain three times more fiber as well as all the necessary antioxidants.




7)  Kale vs. Spinach

Despite all that muscle-building protein, fiber and various vitamins, also considered as one of the healthiest veggies, kale alas, has one mighty flaw – it is a storehouse of sugar that remains undigested for a long time. But don’t fear when spinach is here! Spinach is loaded with water and keeps your stomach full. It is great with a morning omelet or a go-to sandwich (whole wheat bread, of course).



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