7 Kinds Of Friends That Everyone Has And You Should Always Treasure Them

‘What worth are friends for’? Imagine, if being trudged by this question in the heat of the day? Before being psyched and tricked into answering back with a barrage of hefty cannons, the rationalists would simply smile and put a shoulder onto the doubter’s arm. Best said, friends are worth living this life.



And while we smile, laugh, throw a banter and live life to the fullest much as we want, in the jovial company of our friends, one simply can’t deny the importance of ‘Friendship Day’. Whosoever decided to reserve one day out of the stipulated 365 in a calendar year, to mark a day of friends, for friends, did the world- a world of good. It can’t get any more ‘friendly’ than that.



And just as we realise that, at least at a certain level, we are leading a boxed existence, being somewhat mechanical in the tryst with everyday life, friends are the symphony to the only music we have in life. They release us from the hold of pressure and a scamper for a brave thought suggests, that they might actually be the best thing to have happened to us after our parents.

On this friendship day, we recall the 7 kinds of friends that add more life to our rainbow of existence:


1) ‘Once in a while friends’



These aren’t exactly buddies but are seasoned companions. The respect meter weighs high in this kind of friendship even though this equation lacks the humorous will or the silly, half-witted exchanges that one is likely to have with more regular companions.

Picture a friend that you have, rather have had in a long time but one with whom you don’t get to meet all that often. A silent acknowledgement of friendship is the true metaphor for your bond here. In your hearts you know, that even though you don’t meet often, you have your friend watching your back when it truly matters and vice-versa.


2) ‘The neighbourhood buddy’



Often, when it comes to interpreting the meaning of friendship with persons in our vicinity, there is a divided opinion that lasts; either there’s an unsaid regard or there’s a comfortable distance that lingers, without ever weighing too much on the friendship.

The neighbourhood guy may never be your pal but is at least, someone who will have either a common view on a certain situation that impacts both him and you or will offer unprecedented help as a mark of mutual respect when you need some. Can you picture a flower that has withering fragrance but one that stays despite not exactly being profound?


3) ‘The weekend companion’



For some reason and more so in the urban spectre of life, we don’t really get to catch up with our friends during weekdays. One wonders, if that ever happens in the more nonchalant and relaxed interiors of our country?

Wearing a hat full of schedules and deadlines, and the last minute meetings, they scamper over endlessly looking to fill bits and pieces of activity in the Monday to Friday time slot and come the weekend, we see the hours of workload being punched under the racquet and ball, and pints of beer.

You’ll get an unexpected call out of nowhere at the midnight hour to come for a party! Better still, you’ll find yourself attending the most random birthday party by this busy bee who’s every bit of a weekender as he is a jumped up workhorse.


4) ‘The office buddy’



It is surprising to note that how in the period of life that follows graduation or that famed master’s degree, we cross our paths with the ‘non conformist’, somewhat daring and somewhat funnily confused office buddy!

They are here to listen up when we’re having a bad day at work. They are the first to buy us a sandwich bailing us out on a ‘No-Tiffin day’. At times, listening to our endless complaints about the work on that table and at times, lending patient ears to our sobbing retelling of that first heart-break, the office buddy is a cool guy. He is competitive yet friendly, eager to help and at times boring and away tucked under a pile of files when we need them the most. But such is life, isn’t it? At least, there’s a dependable lad at the workplace to rescue us from the Monday Blues.


5) The ‘let’s do some sports buddy’



It’s quite simple. You cannot win at every sport. Well unless, you are the sports freak buddy. He will lend you the cricket ball when you don’t have one. He will show you the way to the most beautiful and shapely ‘Kashmir willow’ bat when you wished to hoist a few hits minus a bat of your own.

He’s funny, daring and competitive. He’s eager to win, more eager to challenge you but desperately shallow to win. At the end of it all, here’s a friend who may not be seated next to you in a terribly soapy Bollywood movie at the theatre, but will sweep you into challenging the other corporate team into winning a sporting encounter just when you thought office was all about pure work!


6) ‘That school friend’



A tinge of nostalgia and the most obvious living incarnation of ‘honesty’ walking on legs. Here’s to a friend that is bookmarked in the initial few pages for life before you go on to write more chapters in your journey. He’s caring and honest, and genuinely feels for you.

Unfortunately, as we progress in life, not necessarily do we end up in the same space as our school buddies. They are the timeless reminder about the good and beautiful in life. And will, come crawling, if needed for you in your worst times.

Ever pictured placing some fresh flowers in a timeless box only to be opened after years only to find the fragrance intact?


7) ‘The best friend’



All smiles. Worries over. Bring back the nostalgia. And play my favourite record. The party is on. Life suddenly doesn’t suck all that bad!

There is always a best friend for all of us regardless of where we are in life and how low are we hanging when facing the worst crisis in life.

But this is life and it is unpredictable like a sudden traffic jam on a smooth moving highway. Unfortunately, as many of us would have experienced that often when needed the most, the only bridge to find that best friend in life is a phone conversation. We are all busy, truth be told and life can bring quite a calamity all too sudden.

Much as we would like to make time only for friends, looking away from other pressing concerns, reality brings up a different flavour. But true friends never part. They stay in touch. It’s like you feel thirsty and your friend gulps down some water to soothe your worry. The mere voice from the other side of the world brings down the palpable worry to a few notches. The most clichéd jokes, the most hideous topics in the world, the rosy peppy talks, the motivating one liners and the endless verbal volleys that you take out on one another purely for fun- it never ends with the best friend in company.

This friendship day, take a moment to remember all your friends, regardless of how close or distant they are to you. What matter’s in the end is friendship, not distances, after all.