ATM Scam: You Could Be The Next Victim. How To Protect Yourself? Have A Look

Beware, criminals are everywhere these days, especially lurking near the ATM kiosks. Do not say we didn’t warn you about it but yes, criminal gangs have come up with a latest technique to scare or confuse citizens and snatch their money from the ATM kiosks.



To help us understand this massive scam that is spreading across the nation, Barclays have released a special video.

Watch The Video Below

In this video, we see a woman fidgeting with her purse but secretly stealing a glance at the man’s ATM pin number ahead of her. She pretends to drop her purse to distract the man so that he can turn around and help her. Her accomplice now enters the scene; he immediately either takes the money and runs away or swaps the man’s card with a fake card so as to later use the original card with the stolen pin number to withdraw cash.



The victim does not realise this act until it is too late. There are many such instances and the main reason behind is ‘Distraction’ at the ATM.



Hence, Barclays ask us not to get distracted and look around before entering ATMs. A spokesperson from the bank informed the media, “We’ve had a media campaign across all of our different channels, direct mails, in-branch posters and ATMs, so it actually just felt like a really natural step to put our weight behind this campaign.”