Man Hit By A Plane In The Head But Still Survives. How?

When it is not your turn, it is not – Death.

Strange things happen to us, and we have witnessed stranger and mind boggling things happening to others. We see many videos where people defy death and escape or people who experience death for milliseconds and yet survive.


What happened to Richard Wyatt in 1976 can be termed as one such incident where he faced the inevitable death and got away from it by sheer luck.

So, taking you back in time to the place where the incident took place. It was on August 26th 1976. Richard, who was a news reporter, was asked to cover a story on stunt planes and fearless pilots for Weston-super mare air show in England.

When he arrived at the location, he couldn’t find any experienced pilot who could perform aerial stunts. However, desperation led him and his team to search extensively and get hold of a pilot who willingly accepted to execute few stunts in the air such as drop bags of flowers for the camera. Richard and his team were supposed to shoot the performance and write a report on it.

However, fate had something else written for him. When the pilot took off, he accidentally brought the aircraft too close to Richard that the plane’s right wing hit him hard in the head. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and later survived the accident with a major head wound.

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