Ice Cream That Does Not Melt Is A Sure Shot Way To Enjoy In Summers!!

Do we hear it right? Ice cream that practically has severely low melting point?



Yes, this time summer has hit us hard and has been an insufferable guest. All we desired was a creamy scoop of iced heaven that does not dissolve at the first contact with the overpowering sun. And just when we thought things were falling apart, a food expert comes up with this Gastronaut ice-cream healthy bar which is organic by nature, but is infused with the same creamy sweetness our all- time beloved iced cream is made of.

The Gastronaut Ice Bar is made from real ice cream which is freeze dried. The technique involves two steps; freezing the food and powerfully vacuum drying the frozen liquid before adding the heat.

The organic snack is sold in three different flavours: Cookies and Cream, Mexican Chocolate Chip and Cream and Mint Chip


Rob Collignon, the 34 year old owner of Gastronaut Foods from Brooklyn said to media,

“‘Gastronaut Ice Cream’ combines the word gastronomy – the art of cooking and eating fine food – with the original name for freeze-dried ice cream – ‘Astronaut Ice Cream.”

“Before you pop it in your mouth, it’s entirely different from frozen ice cream. Besides being healthier, they’re also tastier. So I figured applying my current tastes to the product I loved as a kid would have good results.”


Watch the video below