Tinder Has Introduced A ‘Group Dating’ Feature & The Imagination Of Critics Is Going Wild



Tinder has yet again taken their app to another superseding level. This time we are talking about their group chat feature introduced for USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australian and Indian members. The dating app which has already created a huge buzz within the circle of the young generation has launched Tinder Social to promote group dates amongst users who have similar likes and interest.

However, critics and controversies do not stay behind. And what we have heard from sources is that these group activities may not be as innocent as chatting but rather can be described as ‘group sex’ if one has to be more up-front.



However, Tinder knows where to set off their bomb trigger and so, members have found this new feature even more encouraging and helpful in the search of a desirable date.

How does it work?

Users have to download the latest app update and choose ‘Unlock’ option to gain access to Tinder Social. To get it going, users have to create group (of two or more members) and choose interest such as ‘Going to a concert’, ‘Happy Hour, anyone?’ or’ Watch the game with us’ from a list of dropdown activities.



If activities of one group coincide with another, then they become a match and furthermore users can proceed to chat and make plans with each other until the next afternoon when the conversation expires.