7 Reasons Why Stretching Exercises Are Important For You While Working Long Hours From Home

With most of us confined to the four walls of our homes owing to the recent pandemic, our fitness levels have dipped and physical activity has invariably been affected and has comparatively reduced as well. Amidst the hullabaloo of managing both work life and personal life simultaneously, there is one thing you can incorporate into your schedule, which is extremely beneficial, and that is stretching exercises.

Stretching may not be a very exciting part of everyone’s workout routine, however, it is certainly an imperative one. If you want to benefit from them, it is important to do these stretching exercises appropriately.

There is a myth that revolves around stretching exercises, stating that they are to be done only before a workout routine, which is not entirely true. Some studies suggest that simple stretching exercises should be carried out after a workout to help limit soreness.

Here are the reasons why stretching is extremely important for you:

Reduces risk of physical injury: If you perform stretching exercises on a regular basis, you are less likely to injure or strain your joints, in case you make a sudden movement.

Helps relieve stress: When you are stressed about something even for a short while, there is a chance that your muscles may become tense. Simple stretching exercises can help you relieve muscle tension, which in turn reduces stress levels.

Enhanced flexibility: Stretching your body regularly may help make your body more supple and flexible. A common misconception is that flexibility is a significant criterion only if you practice yoga or dance. However, flexibility is also of utmost importance for you to carry out your daily activities smoothly and for easier mobility, especially at a later age in life.

Better posture: In a generation where most of us are sitting glued to our laptops and desktops around the clock, concentrating on the posture, especially of our backs (upper and lower) has become extremely crucial. Tight muscles may result in a poor posture. Hence, basic stretching exercises can be carried out to help get rid of this postural problem in due course of time.

Increased energy levels: Stretching leads to better blood flow in your body, causing a spike in energy levels. It is advisable to stretch in the morning right after you wake up, to improve blood circulation, thus leaving you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Helps reduce tension headaches: Tension headaches may interfere with one’s work performance and result in lower productivity. To get rid of these or to reduce them you can add stretching exercises to your schedule. In addition, it is also advisable to maintain a balanced diet and drink an adequate amount of water.

Improved sleep: Stretching exercises allow you to concentrate better on your breathing, which in turn allows your mind to be free of stressors and it gradually becomes calm and composed. It is believed that lower stress levels lead to improved sleep and longer sleep patterns.

These are some major advantages of stretching exercises, which if followed regularly, can lead to better physical and mental health conditions. Remember, to get the best results, it is advisable that you stick to doing them regularly, especially if you are seeking long-term benefits.

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