8 Basic Do-It-At-Home Exercises To Keep You Fit & Healthy

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”

We belong to a generation in which the people are struggling hard to become financially and socially stable. In their long run, they forget to spare even a second for their health and wellness. Some people might prepare a planner to start, but will drop it within a week.
Exercise is nothing but a service given to the body by ourselves. By doing this, we can make sure that we can live a healthy and fit time. It is not that we have to start with a vigorous workout. Some normal exercises and intake of a good amount of determination to our mind will lead to wonders. Here are some important and easy exercises to kick start your journey.


1)  Lunges



This exercise helps in maintaining a good flow of blood to the heart. It increases the flexibility of the legs and hips. It also relieves the stress applied on the spine.


2)  Climbing the stairs



It is a simple and a powerful exercise. No special skills are required, and it can be easily included in the regular chores. When compared to jogging, stair climbing burns more calories. It helps to lose the weight and to strengthen the muscles.


3)  Squats



An exercise that is already a part of Indian custom and tradition. Whole body gets worked out during this exercise. It can be done anywhere and anytime. It will tone the whole body and will give a perfect figure.


4)  Calf Raise



It helps in the stabilization and balance of the whole body. During this exercise, all the bodily fluids will be made to flow evenly, that helps in the prevention of swelling.


5)  Arm Circles



This exercise leads to the development of biceps and triceps. This is a warm up exercise, and this can be done to raise the heart rate for an intense workout. It also reduces the flabbiness of the arms.


6)  Bicycling



Lie flat on the floor, hold your knees, and do the pedaling action. If possible, grab a bicycle and go out. This exercise gives us the gift of free flow of breathing.


7)  Jumping Jacks



Most of the large muscles are under workout during this exercise. It increases the heart rate, which eventually boosts more oxygen into the blood flow. When rich oxygen reaches the brain, the whole body functioning will become active.


8)  Pranayama



Breathe out through one side of the nostril, take the air in through the same nostril and let it out through the other one. Repeat these cycles. This has been proven to control stress disorders and asthma issues. It lowers the blood pressures and helps in the steady level of cardio respiratory system.

These are some of the vital and essential exercises that are needed for a good physical condition. Remember, workout has got its own rules to be followed. Workout is like an art. Learn it and you can make wonders!