8 Weird Types Of Beer: Wait, What Can Be So Weird About Beer?

3) Pizza Beer



Yeah? Really. Yes Sergeant!

Roger that!

How about some scrumptious treat for the taste buds along with a beer made of Pizza extracts? Does that sound fun already. Thanks to this mega marvelous invention coming from the heart of Chicago that the world now has not only a drinkable beer made of tomatoes, a bag of garlic and an idea to capture the attention of the world’s beer-drinking audience.

Regarded as the world’s first culinary beer, you cannot not ‘bear’ any patience to latch on to this incredible tasting fiesta, a brainchild of Tom and Athena Seefurth.

This is an idea straight from the produce of a warm and friendly American household’s garden herbs.
Interestingly, the Mamma Mia Pizza Beer is one hundred percent vegan. Bow to that. Oops, cheers to that!

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