8 Weird Types Of Beer: Wait, What Can Be So Weird About Beer?

7) Beer Pre-Digested By Elephants



To those who have always fancied what it means to walk with the elephants; in the company of these alluring giants, time is just right to get that sensational feeling!

In fact, truth be told, Sankt Gallen’ isn’t making beer technically left undigested by these mighty creatures. It’s the crushed coffee beans that elephants let out in that nasty thing known as ‘poop’ that is then used as extracts for the brew of Sankt Gallen’ elephant beer.

So if you wish to taste what half brewed coffee tastes like in the form of beer, which for many of us may be a challenging task, one akin to fighting a mighty elephant, the elephant beer is up for grabs.


8) Chocolate Beer



Having a bad day, with the lady love annoyed? Wanting to do something special on world’s chocolate day but not having any slight idea? Worst still, have offended a dear one who’s barking at you for that last minute error? Chocolate Beer can make things delightfully easy and mushy between you and your favorite ones.

Harpoon, one of the world’s leading breweries makes delightfully fancy albeit unmistakably cringe-worthy chocolate stout, with an ever noticeable dark chocolate flavor. Theirs is a near about mightily well perfected art of blending a sugary chocolate flavor with just the kind of aroma and bitter beer taste you need to have a steady concoction for your delight.