A 24 Year Model Sheds Her Clothes & Gets Her Body Painted. But Why?



You need courage and recklessness to do what the 24 year old part time model and entrepreneur, Sarah Zickel from Brooklyn has done! She turned her body into a living canvas by getting her first body painting done from Bodypainting Day NYC. She depicted poise by instinctively trusting the creativity of Artist, Andy Golub, who was also the event organizer of Bodypainting Day.

Photographer, Damon Dahlen, who captured the work of the artist, exclaimed the painting to be more of a theatrical makeup than mere a body painting. Zickel gaily chirped about her new found love to the media, “It’s so fabulous to turn your body ― especially parts of your body you don’t necessarily love – into art. I feel fine being nude. I’ve done other nude shoots. But as I got painted, I felt sort of clothed. I really didn’t feel as nude as I did at the beginning of the shoot.”



Bodypainting day is quite renowned in this part of the region. On this day, at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, near the United Nations, around 100 models and 70 artists will come together and create amazing body illustrations. The models will be completely stripped off their clothes and once they are done, they tour Manhattan in buses.



Andy Golub is a well-known all- nude body painter and when asked about his art on Zickel, he said, “I feed off the energy of the model. And there was a lot of that going on today. What we have here is a deep and a complex painting. I see the patterns on this woman’s body as not happy, not sad. They’re seeking, looking for truth”.