12 Movies Which Revolved Around Food As Their Central Theme. Go Watch If You Are A Real Foodie!!

If you’re a food enthusiast and spend hours watching Masterchef, Top Chef and others, there are some movies that’ll give you the ultimate foodgasmic satisfaction. Eat well before watching these or you’ll be in tummy rumbling agony.   1) Chef (2014) An engaged, engaging voyage of (re)discovery that’s too much in love with its subject … Read more

Mr Tambourine Man (AKA Bob Dylan) Wins Nobel Laureate After Winning Hearts

For more than six decades he has remained a mythical force in music, his deep voice and poetic lyrics musing over heartbreak, betrayal, death and war that voiced life’s greatest tragedies. Bob Dylan’s art dignified the resounding voices that were never heard. Source  He has embraced music deeply throughout his successful six-decade career. His haunting … Read more

10 Movies Every Student Must Watch!

Source Amongst the different genres of movies that exist, teens and school-goers are usually inclined towards genres that are inspirational! There’s always the type of movies that leave you smiling as the credits roll on the screen and you love them so much, you could watch it a second time, or even a third! Here’s … Read more