Bad News: Our Skin Holds A Grudge For Up To 30 Days After A Hangover

Have you been confused, disoriented and felt demented after a bad hangover? Have you looked in the mirror and wondered who the old man staring back at you is? Yes? Do you know our skin feels worse than our mind after a rebellious drinking and hogging night with buddies?



Yes, alcohol not only takes a toll on our mind but has a severe effect on our skin as well. The food, the extremely oily food that we gorge unknowingly while we drink and party is possibly the worst enemy to our plush skin.



Dr. Lancer is a well-known Dermatologist in LA. According to his research findings he noted that it takes almost about two to four weeks for our skin to rejuvenate after a hangover. His findings state that skin is our body’s largest organ and the hepatotoxic present in the alcohol severely damages our cells, especially our liver which actually acts as a detoxifier to our skin. High sugar content, chemical congeners and dehydrating properties present in the alcohol are the factors responsible for such harsh effect.



There are so many ways to boost our body metabolism and flush out toxins after a heavy drinking night. But one should know to differentiate the good from the bad. Dr. Lancer also adds that all English breakfast is not healthy, “Ham, sausage, bacon, bread, hash browns… you may as well just shoot yourself.”