Terrifyingly Amazing: 12 Times Nature Showed Its Wrath! It’s Angry, Really Angry

The world is brimming with beautiful and awe inspiring surprises. If we take some time off our monotonous lives we would be amazed to know there’s so much that we can get embraced by; example: natural landscapes, incredible species sans the homo sapiens and of course nature itself in its most raw avatar.

However, when one part of the world displays the striking side of Nature, the other part, the darker one, truly projects that Nature can also be treacherous and viscous. Mother Nature can be soothing and coaxing as well as gurgling with ice and fire.

You will believe only when you see the next set of pictures where 12 Times Natures has shown its Destructive Powers


1) Lake Maracaibo, Venezuella where people have witnessed 28 lightning strikes per minute



2) Electrified!! Lightning Storm



3) Whirlpool! An example of legendary water sprouts



4) The scary shadows of the forest… creepy looking woods



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