Black Friday Deals 2022 – Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy & More

Black Friday Deals 2022: Just over a month remains until the 2022 Black Friday sales event, which means early discounts are already appearing on a variety of products, including AirPods, TVs, iPads, air fryers, vacuum cleaners, toys, and more. In our Black Friday bargains guide, we cover all the top early discounts as well as the most recent information on the event.

The actual Black Friday this year is on November 25, but Amazon has already gotten a head start with a two-day Prime promotion that started earlier this month. Target is still advertising early Black Friday offers on technology and kitchen appliances, and retailers like Walmart and Best Buy joined in the fun with competitive sales.

black friday deals 2022

This is a preview to the Black Friday Deals 2022.

What does that entail for the remaining Black Friday shopping period, then? According to our theory, excessive inflation is causing businesses to start their promotions earlier than before and offer significant discounts to draw customers. This implies that additional Black Friday offers will start to go out before the significant November day. Our experts will be reviewing each offer to make sure you’re receiving the best value because we understand how important it is to locate a real bargain. So keep tuned into this page and our website for the latest Black Friday Deals 2022.

We’ve included the best offers from your favourite retailers today, followed by our selection of the day’s top deals, which include AirPods, coffee makers, cheap TVs, and more. More official Black Friday Deals 2022 have yet to start, so we’re still waiting.

Early Black Friday Deals 2022 on Amazon

  • Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds: $159 $89.99 at Amazon
  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filter: $50 $14.99 at Amazon
  • Ninja AF101 Air Fryer: $129.99 $99 at Amazon
  • Apple iPad 10.2 2021 (64GB): $329 $269 at Amazon
  • AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush: $59.95 $29.95 at Amazon
  • Apple MacBook Air (2020): $999 $799 at Amazon

Where did the term Black Friday come from?

History of Black Friday

Contrary to popular belief, black does not, in fact, refer to “showing a profit; not showing any losses,” as many people assume it does.

Black has traditionally been connected to difficult economic times rather than prosperous commercial times. After financier Jay Gould and railroad entrepreneur James Fisk attempted to monopolise the gold market in 1869, which ultimately led to a financial panic and the collapse of the market, the first Black Friday took place. A little more than 60 years later, on October 29, 1929, the Great Depression officially began with the occurrence of another stock market disaster known as “Black Tuesday.”

The term “black” is defined as “marked by calamity or misfortune,” which is where the term “Black Friday” truly has its roots. Because so many of their employees choose to feigned illness in order to extend the holiday weekend, factory managers first began referring to the Friday following Thanksgiving as Black Friday in the 1950s.

The day after Thanksgiving came to be known as “Black Friday” by Philadelphia traffic officers a few years later because they had to work 12-hour shifts in horrendous traffic. Holiday shoppers flocked to the city in droves, and occasionally the annual Army-Navy football game was played on the same day as this popular shopping day. In Philadelphia, the phrase became popular among customers and business owners, and it quickly spread across the country.

The legend of Black Friday as we know it today originated in the 1980s. The expressions “in the black” and “in the red” are frequently used in business to denote gains and losses, but this explanation for one of the busiest shopping days of the year didn’t emerge until the 1980s, some 20 years after the term “Black Friday” had become commonplace.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday 2022 falls on November 25. The date keeps shifting, but its always the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday Deals are generally announced by retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and many more about 2 weeks before the actual date. But this year we expect the Black Friday Deals 2022 to be announced within a week (around 1st November).

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