12 Foods With Vitamin D Which Can Naturally Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

This article talks about foods with Vitamin D which act as natural sources of the Vitamin D.

Today in our day-to-day life we have become so busy that somewhere the basic essential like Vitamin D is lacking. And this sort of deficit is not good as this can bring an invitation to many autoimmune diseases.

There are many good sources of vitamin D and morning sunlight is also one of them. But apart from that, there are also many foods with Vitamin D that can fulfill any sort of vitamin d deficit.

Let’s see which Vitamin D rich foods are so that we can include the same in our diet as soon as possible.

1. Cod Liver Oil

Those who don’t eat fish can go for Cod liver oil which is an excellent source of vitamin D. In the past also, cod liver oil has been used to treat diseases like psoriasis, rickets, and, tuberculosis. Basically, you get 450 IU of Vitamin D per 4.9 mL (teaspoon).

2. Salmon

foods with vitamin d
Source: The Fish Site

This is a popular fish that is highly rich in Vitamin D. However, the amount of Vitamin D a salmon fish carries depends on where the fish is wild or farmed.

As per different studies, with Atlantic salmon, you get 526 IU of Vitamin D and with Baltic sea salmon, you get anywhere between 556-924 IU.

3. Mushrooms

One of the best foods with Vitamin D for vegetarians is Mushrooms. Depending on your choice, you can bake it, cook it, include it in pasta or rice, and make it a vegetable. However to get the maximum benefit, one should sundry them before eating.

4. Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? From kids to old people, everyone loves cheese in their sandwiches. Well, it is also one of the tastier ways to resolve your Vitamin D deficiency.

5. Eggs

foods with vitamin d
Source: Unlock Food

Eggs are also considered one of the best foods with Vitamin D. The egg yolk is enriched with vitamins, and minerals. Hence, never ignore the yolk part of the egg and always consume a wholesome egg rather than just eating the egg whites.

6. Fortified Milk

Consuming a single glass of milk daily can rule out all your Vitamin D deficiency. However always prefer full cream milk since toned or low-fat milk is not enriched with vitamins. Other dairy products made with full cream milk are considered food with Vitamin D.

7. Herring and Sardines

foods with vitamin d
Source: health.clevelandclinic.org

Herring is a small fish that is eaten almost globally. It is usually eaten in either smoked form or pickled form, providing around 214 IU per 100-gram serving and 113 IU per 100-gram serving respectively.

8. Canned Tuna

Canned tuna is easily available and stored and hence people love eating it more as compared to fresh fish. Canned light tuna provides around 269 IU of Vitamin D per 100gram serving. However, The Environmental Defense Fund suggests only 100 gram serving of tuna in a week as it is also high in mercury which is not good for health.

9. Fortified Soy Milk

foods with vitamin d
Source: nutraingredients-asia

Soy milk is one of the best foods with vitamin d, especially for vegan people. One cup of soy milk consists of 100-119 IU of vitamin D.

10. Oatmeal

Cereals are the common breakfast being consumed by the majority of the people these days. They are a great source of Vitamin D as one cup of brand flakes have around 145 IU of Vitamin D.

11. Fortified Orange Juice

foods with vitamin d
Source: Healthline

Those who have Lactose intolerance will find this product to be a great source of Vitamin D.

12. Other Foods

  • Avacado
  • Kiwi
  • Papaya
  • Broccoli
  • Dry Fruits

It is not typically possible to get all the necessary Vitamin D nutrients from your daily food diet. Hence, you can include the above-mentioned food items in your diet and get Vitamin D in ample quantity.