Braveheart Photographer Captures Stunning Wildlife Pictures Up-Close

These series of mind-boggling shots of the wild will make us admire the risk taken by the Braveheart wildlife photographer, Calvin Taylor Lee. Calvin, a 39 year old ace photographer from Sheffield, South York risked his life and dared to look into the eyes of the wild beasts and captured what we call ‘theatrical portraits of the wilds’.


Calvin is an expert in capturing various moods and reactions of animals, especially the wild ones. However, this time he chose to capture them at a very close proximity and the results were stunning. For his project, he did not travel all the way to Africa but picked out Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the close-up shots. The Park set near Doncaster, South Yorkshire shelters a vast variety of flora and fauna.


Calvin spent hours to capture the right shot at the right angle. He recalls the experience and expresses, “Some of them are really difficult to read. It’s like a challenge, but they are all very strong and powerful.”

Through sheer perseverance and patience, Calvin caught majestic stares of a Lion, leopard, and a very curious lemur. He also shot a very close-up picture of a friendly baboon.



He furthermore regales the expedition to us saying, “I wanted to take these photos to show the magnificent natural beauty of these animals. I like how all their expressions are different, and you’re not always able to capture their emotions.”