You Shouldn’t Use These Names For Your Pets To Avoid Bad Luck

Numerology should not be confined to humans alone, but pets should also be taken in to consideration. And hence, what we found out from a recent study on pet names was literally bewildering. Co-op Insurance researched on various doggie and cat names and they listed the top 5 unluckiest names in Britain.



Pets with these names cause more calamities. As per to the analysis Charlie and Oscar are the luckless Pet names which cost their owners a staggering amount of vet fees.

Whereas Charlie has been found to be the hapless name for the canines, Moggies with the name Oscar spend their 9 precious lives suffering, either from one problem or the other. “Any pet can come with its fair share of misfortune, landing you with an unexpected trip to the vets or causing mischief around the house,” head of Pet Insurance Company, David Hampson revealed to the press.



While Dogs named Charlie suffer a lot from stomach problems, tremors, seizures and skin issues, Cats with the name Oscar often encounter with many road accidents. And the bill that these two names produce is between £475 and £510.



Regardless of the bills, owners disclose they would choose to spend time with their 4 legged fur friends, anyday, than invest in irrelevant and meaningless relationships.

Unfortunate pet names;

1. Charlie
2. Alfie
3. Bella
4. Max
5. Ruby

1. Oscar
2. George
3. Charlie
4. Alfie
5. Felix