Chris Gayle: The Non Conforming Genius Of Cricket

There is a theory, both propounded and flourished by the French, that holds deep meaning toward understanding life and its vagaries, especially through the philosophical lens of looking at it. Known and hailed by philosophers from all around the world, especially in the context of “Existentialism”, a philosophical approach to life which hails a person … Read more

Kumar Sangakkara: The Gentleman Stylist Of Sri Lankan Cricket

It is said that Cricket is a gentleman’s game! But, is the suave appropriation about a testing game of resolve and great rigor absolutely true? If yes, then why is it that in the modern version of the sport, there exists a corrupt lot of players who taint the pious fabric of the game staining … Read more

7 Instances When Virat Kohli Formed A Match Winning Partnership

You may have heard the phrase that Cricket is a religion in India and Sachin is its god. You can’t deny the above unless you’re someone whose romanticism in life meets the likes of men of the caliber of superstar Shah Rukh Khan or the inconic and evergreen Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. But, this is India … Read more

MS Dhoni: Timeless Greatness Lest We Forget

You know this man as the iconic and inimitable Mahi. For fans, in India and abroad, he’s the ice cool leader of a team that seems to smoke more dust out of its opponents than a steam engine extols from a motor car. Now nearing 36 and about to enter his 10th year in the … Read more

9 Most Underrated Players Of IPL 2016

In Cricketing fests such as the IPL, the focus, unfailingly, often lies with the big match players. These are star performers who can turn the situation of a game with their individual talents, without worrying too much about what’s at stake and which direction the game may take. The likes of big hitting batsmen such … Read more

Story Of Two Great Captains: Dhoni Vs Kohli

Naturally talented, athletic and determined to move mountains that thaw their path toward success, in Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli, world cricket has two gifted and interesting cricketing personalities that are known to produce special results on the ground. Mostly, united and sporting a common outfit that bears the national colours, in the IPL; … Read more