Complete Encyclopedia Of Women Bags – Types and Their Ideal Usage

There is no such thing as too many bags, is there?

Women love collecting bags and for all the right reasons. There are so many types of bags that come in different sizes, colours, and of course a variety of brands to pick and choose from. It is impossible to settle down for just one. Moreover, every occasion and every type of attire calls for a different bag. This is a must-have accessory, one cannot do without- whether it is due to its portability, convenience, or aesthetic appeal.

If you want to do complete justice to your overall look, here is a list of the types of bags you should be aware of:

1) Tote bag


This type of bag is an ideal option for those women who want to throw in daily essentials into their bag without much fuss. You can fit a lot into your tote bag- your makeup, wallet, change of clothes, shades, accessories, a diary, etc. It is user-friendly, however, since it is big it is important to choose the right colour as it overpowers most of the accessories that you may have adorned. For those on the go, it is a must-have.

2) The Shoulder bag


Whether it is going to work or stopping by the grocery store, a shoulder bag finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe. It is comfortable, handy, and just about the right size to fit your immediate essentials like your keys, wallet, etc. You may consider colours like brown, white, and black or the ones with designer monochromes.

3) Envelope Clutch


If you are looking at a casual look, then an envelope clutch is best suited. It is bigger than the usual clutch and adds a style statement to your ensemble. To make your clutch stand out, you can go in for one that has geometric patterns or a bold colour that is in contrast to your outfit.

4) Duffle bag


Weekend getaways and short trips always require you to pack a lot of stuff. Duffle bags are the most convenient option as they are easy to carry and you don’t have to tag along with a bulky suitcase. It is best to go in for colours like pastels or black and white.

5) Sling bag


These are chic and add the girl-next-door vibe to your overall look! You can fit your essentials like your keys, wallet, and your phone in a sling bag. These look best in colours like mint green, pastel blue, apricot, pink, lilac, and other subtle colours.

6) Handbag


This is a quintessential item that every woman should own. A handbag is neither too big nor too small. Thus, it adds a style quotient even while having enough room for your necessary items. You can carry it to work, for shopping, a lunch date, and just about anywhere you go. Since you may tend to use this a bit too much, it is best to get one that goes well with a lot of outfits in your wardrobe.

7) Cloth bag


No fuss, comfortable, spacious, and lightweight; a cloth bag is a great combination of casual and chic. You can either opt for a simple printed one or go all out with a fancy cloth bag.

8) Bucket bag


Bucket bags have always been famous with designers and they love playing around with this style. This type of bag undoubtedly deserves a place in your wardrobe and it’s USP is that it has adjustable straps, making it functional.

9) Evening clutch


Compact, classy, and convenient- the evening clutch is a perfect option with your evening dress or gown. Evening clutches are usually quite fancy to add extra bling to your look.

10) Backpack


Every woman should have one of these. It is an ideal pick to add a style statement to a boring outfit and also perfect for day trips. It is sturdy and keeps your hands free. You can go in for a classic black backpack or a cute blingy one, depending on the occasion and your outfit.

So hopefully you’ll agree with us on the above-mentioned types of bags that every woman must own. Do let us know in the comments section

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