Complete Guide To Wearing Crocs Fashionably & With Confidence This Summer

Among the countless varieties of footwear that we may or may not have tried, crocs are something that many of us have kept our distance from. And those of us who haven’t, be it for their slightly unusual silhouette or simply because of the lack of knowledge on how to style them, have always thought of crocs as nothing more than loungewear slip ons.

Now, while it is true that these comfy pieces made out of soft, pliable materials like rubbers and foam make the perfect shoes for a lazy day at home or the park, fashion experts also say that when styled properly, they can also be as fashionable and chic as a pair of sneakers and add a certain charm of their own to any outfit.

To help you style crocs in a tasteful manner, here is a small list of some outfits that will do decidedly well with crocs embedded with some tips and tricks and hacks as well:

1) Monochrome outfits

Crocs are shoes available in the widest variety of colors and printed patterns. So donning your favourite monochromatic outfit, denim on denim moment, or a co-ord set in the brightest of colors and pairing it with a matching pair of dapper crocs will maintain the flow spectacularly. It also adds an out of the box element that will surely make everyone’s jaw drop.

2) Casual college outfits

When we are trying to build an outfit for college, the two factors that we want to incorporate are utmost comfort and the casual-yet-bold-and-trendy element that will make us stand out from the rest. And, what better way to do that than adding a chic pair of crocs to your ensemble? So, slip into your favourite pair of denim, wear a fitting tank top in light summer colors and to add a layer, a flowy shrug, cropped cardigan or a checkered shirt. Now, to complete the ensemble in a way that will get you ready for the day, add a pair of solid coloured crocs to the mix!

3) Gym Wear

With summer just around the corner and the temperature already reaching new heights on the scale, wearing a stuffy, engulfing pair of shoes and socks, no matter how light, a second before you have to, is the last thing you want to do. So, when you are ready to set off for the gym, slip the sports shoes into your gym bag and slip into one of these breathable pieces that will keep your feet dry and cool and go extraordinarily well with the well-fitted short and tank top.

4) Tie-dye outfit

In the last couple of years, the hype around anything tie-dye with swirling patterns of bright colors has increased tenfold. And honestly, looking at the cute tie-dye crocs available on Mochi shoes, we completely understand why. There are so many different ways these versatile pieces can be styled, but out of them, an oversized reverse tie-dyed shirt and a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans are our favourites.

With four of these fashion expert-approved looks in mind, hurry to your favourite online store and bag the best crocs before they run out!