We Have Picked Comfortable Slippers To Add To Your Wardrobe This Summer!

Slippers are the most important footwear in our lives. With so many footwear options at our disposal, we often choose slippers keeping in mind the comfort they offer. Women have the upper hand when it comes to the variety of footwear but they often settle for slippers for women which offer their feet the much-needed comfort.

If you’re an office-going woman who often has to wear heels or closed-toe sandals to work, you’d surely know how uncomfortable your feet become even before half the day has passed. One cannot imagine what your feet go through in those heels, which look elegant but serve discomfort after a certain time.

When you’re wearing heels for a large portion of your day, only you would know the value of removing them once you reach home. The feeling of letting your toes breathe and your heel resting on the floor cannot be compared to any other joys in the world.

But most of the time it’s not ideal to roam around the house without footwear, which is where slippers for women come into consideration. Prevent your feet from the dust and any other discomfort by slipping into a pair of comfortable slippers for women. Before you start shopping for slippers, there are certain factors to consider so you can buy the perfect pair.

The size: At times we buy slippers the same size as shoes but we fail to understand that the build of both these footwear makes them differ in size. Because slippers are open-toed, you have a lot of space for your toes. This is why it is wise to buy slippers a size bigger than your average shoe size.

Material: These days slippers are available in a variety of materials, from cloth to fur to rubber to plastic. Instead of going with the current trend, it’s wise to stick to the fabric which is good for your feet. It’s best to avoid rubber or plastic because you will feel warm and your feet will start to sweat, resulting in slipping.

Quality: Quality is the one aspect you shouldn’t compromise when buying slippers because you don’t want to end up investing in footwear that looks good but has been compromised quality-wise which might cause you to tumble. Buy slippers that last long, so you get a good return on your investment. Handmade slippers are the best quality to rely on in such cases.

The floor of the house: The harder the floor of your house, the thicker the slipper’s sole should be. This shouldn’t be a problem if your house has carpet. Rubber soles are much more comfortable when buying slippers for the house because the friction won’t cause you to slip.

Now that you’ve considered these factors, you can think about other factors such as the colour, print and the prize. But the most important aspect is that you should try to wear the slippers before buying them. They should be comfortable enough for you to walk around and shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose on your feet.