How to Escape The “Friend Zone” Now!

Most of us, if not all (some are lucky) have been in the dreadful ‘friend zone’. Fret not, my child for there are ways to come out of the zone no one likes being in.

1.  Self confidence

Change your outlook and attitude. Make yourself special by feeling special and giving out that energy in the universe. Universe won’t help you get out of the friend zone, unless you follow all these tips.

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2.  Don’t be needy

You don’t want your future partner to see you as a needy/dependent person (yes, future partner! Believe it already). Work on it.

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3.  Don’t be available all the time

Yes, you have a life. You have other important things to attend to. Your future partner may be the center of your universe, but they don’t have to know. No, not yet!

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4.  How about some jealousy?

Oh this works wonders, trust us. So your partner is used to all the attention? So what? Divert it just a little bit and see the difference.

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5.  Reverse psychology

Be sarcastic, tease them a bit, and say things you don’t mean. Basically, see the tables turning in your favor.

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6.  Touch of class

There is a friendly touch, there is a special touch and there is a creepy touch. We say, Stick to special. Looking straight in the eyes is also advised. Oh and say bye-bye to shyness, forever!

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7.  Be mysterious

Don’t give away every little detail of your life. Be mysterious. Let your future partner get curious and inquisitive.

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8.  Be yourself

Embrace your imperfections. Do not hide them for the fear of rejection. Be who you are but don’t get too comfortable with the farts and burps, it’ll only put you back in the ever-so-comfy friend zone.

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9.  Flirt

Make it sexual, but make sure you keep it classy and special, not creepy. See if your future partner responds.

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10.  Don’t give too many compliments

Why you ask? Well, there is a certain charm in not going overboard. Less is more, my friend. Less is always more.

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11.  Image makeover

Workout, wear good clothes, look good and more importantly feel good. People are attracted to positive personalities. Try Yoga for that amazing frame of mind. Happy people attract good things/ good people.

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If nothing else works, accept it and move on. Maybe, just maybe you are not their type. Take a break from it, travel maybe and get back and be their best friend.