How To Style Men’s Sandals In 6 Different Ways

A lot of men struggle when it comes to styling men sandals. Men usually think that styling men’s sandals can be a little difficult for them but that’s not true.

You might be skeptical about styling them with the outfits you already have lying in your wardrobe and we hear you! In order to make sure you avoid making fashion faux pas, we’ll take you through our top tips for picking the perfect men sandals including various outfit options and how to get your feet ready for it all!

1) Time to short it up!

Men sandals look very cool and casual when you team them up with a nice pair of shorts. You can play around with the length of your shorts depending upon your body and your comfort. The style of men sandals you choose to wear will determine the type of shorts you choose to wear. For a perfect easy-breezy look, you should go for a pair of cotton or linen shorts with flip-flop men sandals.

2) Suit it up!

Don’t be surprised. We mean it, time to put on a decent pair of men sandals with your favourite suit. How will you pull it off? It is a simple recipe – put on a well-tailored suit, adorn a pair of leather men sandals and be very confident. Slider and flip-flop men sandals are a good choice for a casual look, but when it comes to a professional look, you’ll never go wrong with leather.

3) Shake hands with pants

You have a fair idea about how you should style your men sandals, right? Here’s another option for you. Wear your preferred men sandals pair with a pant or trouser. This pairing will give you a metropolitan pedestrian look – in short – make you look fashionably forward. For starters, you can put on chino pants with faded jeans sandals or leather men sandals.

4) Jeans game

Jeans are an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe. Now in order to establish a friendship between your jeans and men sandals, it is significant that you understand how the two can work together. A light faded, rugged jeans with a pair of casual slider men sandals, or flip flop men sandals can prove to be a winning combination. You can fold up your jeans for a more relaxed look. Don’t give up your summer look ever! Win-win.

5) Choose the right size

As far as men sandals are concerned, it’s entirely fair to want to wear a size up as they provide more comfort to your feet. But they might end up looking poorly fit and sluggish. Opt for men sandals that offer a snug fit, to avoid wobbly looking straps and men sandals that rub your feet.

6) Colour coordination

If you’re not confident about your colour sense, play safe and stick to monochrome. Now, this doesn’t have to be black, white or grey essentially. You can go for a monochrome pairing like blue and black, whites and brown and similar tints and shades. Put your feet in the most comfortable men sandals you own and rock your look!

Try to be versatile in your looks and put on multiple styles of men sandals whenever you step out.

We hope these tips and tricks help you take your men sandals game up a notch!