5 Motivational Movies That Have Been Voted As “Most Inspiring Ever”

Gone are the days when the sole purpose of movies was to entertain the audience. Those produced in the present scenario come as a package of recreation as well as motivation. Movies often prove to be a great source of inspiration. We have compiled a list of highly motivational movies to provide you your dose of motivation.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild is an inspiring story of choosing an alternative path of life by giving up on a successful career as an athlete. The protagonist gives away all his assets in charity and heads off to Alaskan wilderness. Click here for imdb.

Freedom Writers

Offering yet another inspirational storyline, Freedom Writers highlights the role of a teacher in her students’ lives. She is the one who encourages her students to go for concrete careers and inculcate good habits like keeping a journal. This movie is a great motivation material for teachers as well as students. Click here for imdb.

Life of Pi

A 2012 hit, Life of Pi brings to light the adventures of Pi, who gets stuck in the middle of an ocean along with a tiger, an orangutan and a hyena. His struggles amidst the journey make the movie highly motivational. Click here for imdb.

Million Dollar Baby

An amazing film that will be a motivational watch for many career- oriented females out there, Million Dollar Baby narrates the story of a female boxer who wants to be a professional. She soon sees success but her family is only concerned with the money she brings in and forgets to look after her. Click here for imdb.

Book Smart

A film spotlighting female leads is a completely feminist and hilarious story of two high school girls who dare to break the rules and party towards the end of their graduation days. This one is sure to inspire you deeply. Click here for imdb.

Production of such motivational movies has definitely enhanced the quality of entertainment sector and it is sure to see even more success in the coming years.

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