Insanely Expensive Sneakers & Shoes Owned By Bollywood Celebrities!!

Today your style statement isn’t close to being half complete if you aren’t in the ‘right’ sneakers or aren’t putting ‘the best foot forward!’

Gone are the days where you just wore a sneaker in a pop music video and that if you did sport a rather fashionable boot at a corporate duo you were chided.

Bob Dylan wasn’t wrong when he said, “The Times… they are a changing!” And at the heart of this change is to be equipped with the right, and often fashionable footwear, something our stars constantly strut with panache!

So if you were wanting to up your style quotient, why look further than the best that Bollywood stars have to offer?

Let’s get bedazzled by the stylish sneakers and boots our stars own:

Abhishek Bachchan


Someone who’s a bit underrated but sophisticated in his style statement, Jr. Bachchan cuts quite a dapper figure in his favorite Ferregamo boots: they start at $150. He’s also a frequent shoe collector and is known to pull all the punches for both formal and informal gatherings. Someone who rapped way before others even thought of delving in the craft- picture Bluffmaster- Bahchan Jr. comes across as a fine rap artist all thanks to his collection of sporty heels.

Varun Dhawan


A young star that has a bright future ahead of him, not only thanks to his massive talent but the pickiness to wear the ‘right’ thing, here Varun is wearing his favorite brand Bruno Magli, with a starting price of $129.

Salman Khan


Fashion by conscience! Perhaps that’s the best phrase that strikes the mind when one speaks of Salman, who, of late, thanks to his proclivity for doing oodles of charity has been promoting charity organization Being Human for all the right causes.

His fashion sense is often furthered by the philanthropic activities of the brand Being Human, such as these easy-going shoes that begin with $72.

Ranbir Kapoor


One of the most versatile dressers and someone with an inherent sense of style, a bit like Saif, Ranbir cuts an elegant and unruffled figure with whatever he chooses to wear.

Yet, among the few that stand out merely by the choice of footwear, Ranbir swears by Air Jordan, a luxury sports wear brand based in the US, not only worn by basketball icons. But apart from this, Kapoor has a penchant for Nike, Adidas, and Reebok sportswear too!

Shah Rukh Khan


Can style ever be at a distance when it concerns Shah Rukh? Someone who’s often seen in a Gucci, as you can make out here, SRK, who owns over 1,500 pair of shoes is an intrepidly fashionable!