Myths About Corona Virus Which Are Just Rumours – Beware!! Must Read

Recently, news outbreak of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 in China has caused global issue. It came from the seafood and meat markets in China, in December 2019. Since then it has spread to other nations, including the United States.

Apart from Wuhan and other Chinese cities that were quarantined, the COVID-19 has spread to almost 70 nations globally. In the U.S. COVID-19 numbers have been identified in New York, California, Oregon, Florida and Washington State. Huge number of Deaths have been reported in both Washington State and California.

Covid-19 continues to scare us. Let’s discuss some myths:

Kids cannot be affected by Covid-19

Wrong, weaker the immune system more are the chances of human body to get affected by Covid-19. In recent reports, cases are identified in people who are above 60 years but there are reports of children getting affected too.

Adults and young people are at risk of covid-19

People with issues related to diabetes and asthma are more at risk of developing Covid-19 due to weak Immune system.

Person with Covid -19 dies

No, it is wrong, most of the cases with covid -19 have been cured recently even the doctors are saying people with mild cough,fever or shortness of breath have no need to seek help of doctors initially. If any problem persists after 14 days then you have to seek help of doctors.

Animals like cats and dogs spread corona virus

Wrong there is no evidence till now that animals have transmitted any sort of infection to human body.

The face masks protect corona virus

If you have tight face mask which covers your face, it will protect. A normal mask will not help you out.

Is there any Antibiotic which helps in corona virus?

Wrong-antibiotics only kills bacteria, it doesn’t kill virus.

Home remedies to protect covid-19

Well most of them are saying taking vitamin B in excess or taking natural oils will help you out but wrong no evidence has been identified till date. So try to wash your hands after every 15 minutes and keep avoid going out in public.

How long does it takes to transmit virus from one body to another?

Ideally, the longer you will be someone the more are the chances of you getting infected. Avoid meeting people who are either ill in your family or keep some distance between your family also and while sneezing always sneeze in your elbow.

Eating Chinese food will cause Covid-19

It is totally wrong.

Spraying chlorine and alcohol all over body will kill virus?

No it is wrong rather it will harm your body and cause you another problems. So washing your hands in every 15 minutes is the best way to protect yourself.

Consuming Vitamin c supplements will help in fighting against corona virus?

Yes, any source of vitamin c in your daily diet will help to boost immune system and prevents you from any type of virus.

Lockdown of the cities, states and countries will help humans against corona virus?

Yes it will help and that’s the only way to stop this deadly virus from spreading. Keep social distancing, avoid meeting with your friends and other family members for some weeks.