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Masaan- Overpowering and beautiful

For a first time filmmaker, Masaan is a true masterpiece. The story is worth telling, and the writers tell it beautifully. From a 90’s romance full of purity and touching moments to the latter half where things get a little serious, there isn’t a moment that seems too forced or pretentious.

Masaan (meaning crematorium) could have been yet another forgettable story had it not been for the fantastically wrapped script of the movie.



The film opens with Devi (Richa Chadda) watching porn on her computer during the day. Soon, she leaves her messy room, carrying a backpack. She changes into a sari at a public toilet and meets Piyush (Saurabh Chadhary). They’re clearly portraying a young couple when they rent a cheap hotel room.

Inside the hotel room, stands the young couple, shy and embarrassed and the next scene follows a sexual encounter between the two. A few minutes later, the cops start banging on the door.



Devi is humiliated and blackmailed, making Masaan an honest statement about the predicament of a young couple trapped in principled sanctimony. While Devi and her father are constantly blackmailed by the inspector (played by Bhagwan Tiwari) Devi does feels guilty, but remains defiant and is not concerned about her reputation.

Masaan has another vivacious woman: Shaalu Gupta (Shweta Tripathi), a college girl who enjoys reading poetry and catches the eye of the film’s male protagonist, civil engineering student Deepak Kumar (Vicky Kaushal).



On learning that her boyfriend belongs to the Dom community, Shaalu assures Deepak that if there comes a time they have to elope, they will. Deepak and Shaalu’s oddly beautiful relationship is one viewers haven’t seen before. The films soundtracks are treats to our ears and the films scenic imagery makes it all the more special. The story grows onto you, whilst the tormented characters hold your hands and take you to their world.

While repentance and anguish are the major emotions in this drama about caste and gender, what we love is that none of the characters give in without a fight. The movie leads up to one final event, that comes with a blow.The movie is an unmissable one and a true gem. We applaud the writers for doing such a terrific job.

You don’t want to miss this one. Take our word for it!

We rate 4/5!

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