“Possessed” School To Be Exorcised Before Demolition: Have A Look Why?

Jaw dropping! A paranormal investigation team has been called to perform exorcism on a haunted school.

Ghostech Paranormal Investigations is UK’s leading exorcism team and has been called upon to drive out ghosts from Stacklands Retreat House. After 11 years, the former Kent School is all set to be knocked down due to the 80 years old myth including a tale of priests who were sacrificed at the place when its owner turned to Satanism.



Jeff Young, 52, leading investigator said that the team is trying to collect as much evidence as it can. In the daytime, they went to set up cameras and something unusual was noticed. A woman’s voice saying devil worship had been going on was heard and orbs were seen flying around the feet of team members.



The Ghostech team is professional and use a range of expensive equipments like electronic voice phenomena, cameras with color spectrum, and digital recorders.

The owner’s death certificate was also tracked down by Jeff where he found some prayers, which used to be recited at the house. The locals say that the place is haunted by priests who sacrificed their lives 80 years ago.

In order to demolish the retreat house and build four detached homes with double garages in its places, has been submitted but it has not yet been accepted. It is also reported that team Ghostech will be carrying out a night investigation at Stacklands in the coming weeks.

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