World Of Zombies: Would You Dare To Walk With The Dead?

Not to be missed! ‘The Walking Dead’- a walk-through scare ride has been introduced by Hollywood’s Theme park Universal Studios and is sure to get the visitors develop Goosebumps.



The attraction is inspired from a television show of the same name that stars popular Hollywood personalities. It opens on Monday and begins in a hospital setting taking the visitors to different locations. Tuesday’s Hollywood launch was attended by show’s past and present cast members, featuring a bikers gang bringing walking dead in chains and a horde of zombies approaching the ride.



Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron in the show was also present at the launch and shared his opinion about the ride, saying: “I think people have a morbid curiosity about what the apocalypse would be like and how they would react to it, so the put themselves in different characters. And it’s also a show about perseverance at the end of the day, you know, how you maintain hope and how you survive after everything you have lost or people you love have been killed off.”

Adding to it, Michael Traynor shared his views as well, “It’s that question of survival, right? We’re all pretty cush and comfortable, we have our couches, we have our supermarkets with food. So when we are finally questioned with the idea, like, can you survive some threat that is bigger and greater than you, it’s very compelling.”

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