TV Presenter Exposed Naked. Shocked? Here’s The Complete Story

Startling! A female presenter exposed naked at a TV show aired at WAPA Television in Puerto Rico.

It was noted that the lady jumped on the news desk and caught one side of her top, which was pulled down to expose her left breast. Before the viewers and the cameras could catch a glimpse of it, she quickly hoisted it back to the position but unfortunately the entire mishap was captured by the cameras and the audience saw it too.



Sonya Cortes is presently working as a journalist and while the incident took place, she was on the sets of the TV programme ‘I Know Everything’, aired on WAPA Television, Puerto Rico.
Something similar was encountered earlier this month when a Fox News Reporter accidently lifted her dress and revealed her nude underwear on live television.



Alina Moine, belonging to the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, became the center of attraction while covering the show.

Another mindboggling incident was reported at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics when the Fox Sports Programme presenter exposed a little more than she meant when she moved her hand upwards and hoisted the hem of her mini black dress.